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There is a medieval castle in the Pyrénées that has been standing on a rocky outcrop for the last 10 centuries overlooking the village of BEAUCENS.
Situated just 15 kms from Lourdes, near Argelès-Gazost, the imposing ruin offers a panoramic view of the valley and the Pyrenean range.
Interior courtyard archway Interior courtyard
Each afternoon, an exceptional bird show presented with background music is held - rich on beauty and emotion. You can admire the lords of the air that fly before you at complete liberty.
FALCONRY is a long and difficult art to learn and is inherited from the falconers of the Middle Ages. It is based on patience and gentleness and you will enjoy watching these magnificent birds at liberty.
You can observe and take photographs at a close distance.
For each species (approximately 50), parchments are displayed giving you information on the general biology of each bird.
Between the ancient walls of the castle you will discover one of the most prestigious collections of diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey from around the world.
The birds of prey are on show in an attractive and original way, most of them without cages or bars, following the traditional methods of falconry.
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